Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Last, Part 1

The party left Three Walls en route to the lair of The Last. They stopped in Myris on the way to see the legendary city and do some more research. Shivers, thinking of Celia back in Three Walls, decided to hire a Book Tender to research the price of bread in Three Walls ten years ago. For just over 200gp, he was able to find the information Celia wanted, and had it sent to her on official Library letter head by New Myris’ secure mail carriers.

Quite satisfied with their stay, the party left Myris shortly, traveling toward the coast and the small atoll where The Last’s tower was suposedly located. They only had one encounter of note on their way, a midnight visit from an Emissary of Winter, who told us that Thunderclaw, the Blade of Spring, had recently been used in an attack on one of the Winter Blue Dragons. Spring attacking Winter could mean war, and the emissary told us to keep guard of the Winterblade (and the Winter Night, Ro-Kang), to keep them safe. She also implied her personal opinion that the Springblade might not be in the possession of an agent of Spring, and that she thought Shivers might be better suited to the duties of the Winter Knight.

With no further faerie intervention, the party made it to the small atoll where the tower should be. It took them a while to notice the building, which was a mirror-faced octagonal structure. Falchion realized that this was the fabled home of the now-dead Goddess, Nava, She Who Does Not Blink.
Examining the structure, they found it was covered in wards and spells. Arn searched through the chaos to find the ward to open the structure and did so. The party entered the low building (the rest of the mirrored tower floats above the bottom building, held in place by magical forces) and heard the voice of The Last, demanding to know why they had come. The party tried diplomacy, asking an audience, but the disembodied voice simply told them to leave. Falchion coldly told the voice that it was in possesion that belonged to Olghast that must be returned. In response, The Last called red and blue crystals to assault the party, and two pits in the room began to crackle with electricity that slowly rose toward them.

The mirror at the far end of the room spit out more crystals as they defeated them, and after a few waves, the crystals conbined to create stronger constructs that teleported around the room, making the fight very difficult. Eventually, enough had been destroyed to power up the portal in the mirror frame, giving the party access to the upper portion of the tower. They took a short rest and then jumped through the portal.

In the room above, they found more crystalline creatures and a room covered in runes and sigils. In the center of the room was a three-part obelisk that was also covered in runes. The party realized that they needed to turn the faces of the obelisk to mirror the patterns on the walls to solve the puzzle, and worked on doing that while engaging the monsters. One of the creatures caused party members to attack adjacent allies, so the party tried to stay out of blast range but kept being immobolized and blocked by walls of fire. After a grueling battle, all of the crystal critters were still and the portal was completely powered up. The party took a few moments to compose themselves, watching through the glass floor as the lightning from the section below continued to rise toward them, before jumping through the next portal.



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