Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Last Part 3

Short update; Tamara still swamped.

The party gained the benefits of a long rest after defeating the energy beam room. They ascended to fight The Last.

Upon entering the portal, the players found themselves standing on tiny worlds that circled a central point. Arn and Falchion landed on the ice world, while Breeze and Shivers landed on a fiery one. The Last stood on a central world, out of reach of both other worlds. Crystalline warriors swarmed the party. The party quickly discovered that the warriors caused the planetoids to emit huge blasts of energy when they were destroyed. The party then directed these blasts, in alternating fashion, at the Last – destroying his shields.

The plane shook, and the Last shifted space around himself. He grew larger, more brutish, and capable of taking multiple attacks. The brute form proved too weak for the party, and the Last shifted the planes again.

As the plane shifted, the two planetoids collapsed into one another. Soon, a face emerged as the Last inhabited their forms. It quickly swallowed Arn, and began to wear down the other party members. Eventually, they were able to defeat it, but Arn’s life was lost in the process.

The party used the Black Scroll “Reincarnation” to bring Arn back – as a Forgeborn Dwarf. They then searched the island where the Tower of Nava had been, finding a suit of Jade Scale armor, a legendary Dwarven Axe, and some other loot. They also acquired the Black Scroll “Extinction.”

They returned to Three Walls, where Celia “helped” Arn to identify the axe, and gave them some information on more immortals. In the end, the party decided to head after The Elf.



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