Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Elf, Part 1

In Three Walls, the party did some shopping and checked for rumors. Breeze tried to locate Barghest, but the other druid had moved on from the area. The party was mildly concerned that Malachai had gone missing, but were distracted by other issues. They also considered assisting Celia West with her anxiety and feeling of being watched, but a fresh tale of banditry caught their attention.
Some local woodmen had been robbed of all possessions down to their boots and left tied to the town wall by an infamous bandit called Yurick, the Bastard. The party made inquiries, and both Ansgar Barrelchest and “Dichotomous” Rex told them that the Bastard was rumored to be in possession of an item of interest: A worry stone believed to have belonged to Phayer.
The party tracked down the bandit and his eladrin and minotaur minions making camp a few days NW of Three Walls. Diplomacy was tried, but the Bastard declared that there had been “Enough Talk!” and initiated combat. Breeze balefully polymorphed the Bastard into a helpless newt that Falchion viciously attacked. Once de-newted, the Bastard began teleporting randomly throughout the battlefield, but Falchion pursued. The Bastard finally knocked the avenger unconscious and demanded the party cease hostilities on threat of her death, but Arn healed her, and as she regained consciousness, the Bastard surrendered.
The party took back the items that had been stolen and demanded a small item in addition—the worry stone—but the Bastard did not have it. The party tried to question the bandit further, but were interrupted by the arrival of a furious summer court hit squad. The bandits fled and the party defended against the newly arrived fairies. One of the fairies was screaming about the Winter Knight.
The party knocked two of the fairies unconscious and bloodied the third when a new player entered the battle: Mr. Honey. He dismissed the other fairies and sat the party down for a chat, explaining that someone was trying to start a war among the fey courts. He revealed the location of Phayer’s Worry Stone, which was buried nearby. He explained the relic’s power as Falchion dug the small stone up. It revealed the true nature of whomever held it, and could be used to identify whatever shape-changing entity was causing the trouble in the Fey realms. To prove that the stone worked, Mr. Honey touched the stone, revealing his true form to Arn (in a weird parallel to the dream Arn had, when Lucius learned the true name of a creature).
That night, Arn dreamed of bees tattooing the the inside of his nose and Falchion dreamed of a life that was not her own.



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