Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Elf, Part 2

The party began the session in Three Walls. They tracked down Malachai to see if he had any new information for them, but he was less than helpful. He did reveal that wearing the Crown of Nava would let the wearer discern scrying, but alsl drive them mad. The party left Malachai and Three Walls to head to the gambling house owned by The Elf.

After several days on the road, the party arrived at the gambling house, were asked to stow their weapons, and entered. In the first room, many simple games of cards and dice were being played by various groups. Breeze inquired about going further into the casino and was told that the party must draw notice. Arn, Shivers, and Falchion played various games, throwing around money and makign their presence known for a while before the party was invited to the high stakes room.

In the high stakes room, the party engaged in several games of luck and skill. Falchion and Shivers played Liar’s Dice with a man called Parcival. Breeze won a skill game called Talent versus Felara, a member of the Booktenders. Shivers lost several magic items to Uragirimono playing Items of Interest. Arn lost many healing surges in a game called Pain against a chained devil. Falchion lost a lot of blood but won some money playing Vampire’s Bluff with Elias Drakethorn. She also won a game of Mastery versus Xn’Keth, the mind flayer (to everyone’s surprise). The whole party participated in Run through the Woods (blindfolded), and Falchion tied for the win with an elf called Pailan and the halfling, Lowlow Luckstealer, splitting the pot. Shivers lost at Endurance, facing one of his old fellow monks from the Caves of the Empty Bowl, the Master of Thirst. Arn played Dice with Lowlow Luckstealer, going one-and-one. Shivers played Guillotine with Mr. Sharps, a Summer Court Master, and lost. Breeze played High Card with Werlich, the hedge wizard, going one-and-one (which thoroughly confused Werlich, who was surprised he could lose).

After much gambling, the high stakes room’s pit boss, a woman called Opal (who had registered the party for Run through the Woods), informed the party that they had garnered the attention of the casino’s master and she threw all of the other patrons and game masters our of the room. The party waited for Oak to arrive, but were instead surrounded by enemies coming in from both doors to the room. One end of the room filled with a contigent of Stagnation fairies and a group of casino guards, archers, blocked the other exit.

Arn quickly dumped everyone’s weapons and holy symbols out of his Bag of Holding, and the party engaged their opponents. As the archers drew back to fire on Arn, a misty form shot into the room, and Elias Drakethorn coalesced between Arn and the archers, ripping the covering off his holy symbol and calling forth the dead god, Tck’Arrith, to absorb the arrows (and burning his hand on his own holy symbol).

While Elias dealt with the archers, the party picked off the Stagnation fairies, though they had to deal with being dazed, stunned, immobilized, and restrained at various times during the fight. Finally, all the fairies and archers were dead, and the party took a short rest. Elias informed the party that Oak was on his way and offered them healing in the form of his Lay on Hands ability. The party thanked Elias for his help and readied to face the master of the casino.



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