Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Elf, Part 3

The session began with the party standing in the high stakes room. Oak entered the room and Elias Drakethorn charged him. Oak called a beam of sunlight on the vampire, and Elias fell to the ground, convulsing in the light.
Oak indicated to the party that he’d like to have a meal and conversation with the party before they kill each other, so that the victor would know whom he had killed. The party hesitantly agreed, after Oak released Elias to crawl from the room.
Small tables were brought in, and the party sat in a circle with Oak, each eating their own food and drinking their own drink. Oak explained that he would answer any of their questions in exchange for any new or interesting information the party could give him.
Arn Stonebrow was the first to grab Oak’s interest, when he introduced himself as a Forgeborn and revealed that he had been incarnated and given Forgeborn’s own Axe. Oak seemed delighted at this information. Falchion told Oak about how she also returned from the dead and gave him the last words of the fallen immortals. Breeze revealed that the party was the basis for the ghost stories about the Moth in the Gears, Empty Shell, Forge of Remaking, and Dark Daughter of the Unmaker. Shivers tried to impress Oak by holding his breath.
In exchange for their stories, Oak told his own, revealing much of his past. He told the party about the Court of Stagnation, and how they were causing trouble between the seasonal fairy courts. He also explained what he knew about King Nothing and the remaining Immortals. All of his information pointed the party to the Town of the Aged Ox as their next destination.

Eventually, everyone got around to killing each other, and the Winter Night joined the fight. Oak, a true elf, possessed the abilities of all three elf-ish races, and he was a swordmage. He fought fiercely, eventually fracturing into three perfect versions of himself, an elf, an eladrin, and a drow, as he neared death. The party struck down all three of his incarnations within seconds of each other and Ro-Kang caught the Oak’s last words on one of the Black Scrolls. Falchion took up Oak’s fallen relic sword, Like Hell You Do, and offcially resumed the use of her birth name, Saffron Greywall.

On their way south, Arn made contact with Mr. Honey, telling him all they had learned from Oak about the fairy infighting. Like Hell You Do did not appreciate the party assisting the Summer Court of fairies and its concordance decreased. Later, the party came across the remains of a town that had been assaulted by Star Spawn. They destroyed the remaining abominations and burned down the shell of the village to make sure there were no more star spawn. As the fire licked up the sides of the building, Saffron suddenly found herself running into one of the burning buildings. She pried up the boards of the house’s floor with her newly acquired sword, revealing an unconscious child lying in her dead mother’s arms. Saffron scooped up the girl and carried her from the destroyed building. Like Hell You Do approved of Saffron saving someone from a fire and its concordance increased.
Saffron found herself strangely attached to the newly orphaned girl. She vowed to care for the child herself until she could deliver the girl to a safe and loving home.



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