Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Fortune, Part 1

The party set off after burning down the nameless village/rescuing the nameless
baby. Saffron Greywall was rather taken with the child, and therefore avoided
danger as the party marched southward, toward the Village of the Aged Ox.

They marched without incident for two days as the forest around them gradually

Upon nearing an abandoned watchtower, the party was attacked by more starspawn.
They overcame the foul beasts fairly easily, but discovered a disturbing fact:
one of the spawn had adapted to feed on ash. Nevertheless, the party burnt the
remains of the creatures and carried onward.

Near nightfall, the party sought out shelter in a particularly tall clump of
bushes. Inside, they found an abandoned camp. Exploring further, they found
that much of the camp equipment was useless or empty. They chose to stay in the
brushy clearing anyway, and went to sleep. On Arn‘s watch, the party was
surprised (sleepy dwarf!) by a group of super-specialized machines. The
Clockwork Skulks, in particular, seemed to be able to penetrate the party’s
defenses and strike with near-lethal force. The Clockwork Moths also presented
difficulties, but were unable to effectively use their stunning power more than
once. Eventually, the party successfully drove off the Moths and defeated the
other machines.

Two days later, the party reached the rise that shelters the Village of the Aged
Ox. There, they witnessed the destructive power of a huge Starspawn as it
rushed towards the town’s lone defender – a boy, perhaps 12 years old. At the
last moment, a giant of a man sprung forth from a concealed pit and dragged the
beast down. He pummeled it with his fists and with Jade, but the monster
escaped. Children rushed out from the village to hug and congratulate the hero,
and the party swept in to investigate.

The party learned that the behemoth was indeed Kisada, [[The Fortune | the Fortune of
Persistence]]. He quickly relieved Saffron of the burden of caring for the
orphan, and handed the child over to one of the village women. He determined the
party’s intent easily, and separated from the rest of the village to discuss it.
In the end, he agreed to give up his immortality and his life for the greater
good. In exchange, the party must:
1) Find the Obsidian Titan, reactivate it, and bind it to guard the Village.
2) Meet with Kisada’s sons at the Titan to determine who will lead the Village
after he departs.
3) Destroy the escaped Starspawn.

In addition, Kisada agreed to call Saelen in to talk to the party. They are
scheduled to meet again in 3 weeks at the Village.



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