Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Fortune, Part 2

After speaking with Kisada, the party went north to meet his twelve sons the obsidian titan. On the way, they used Uragirimono‘s calling stone and asked what they could tade him for the animating slip of paper that had been lost to him at the casino. He said he would give it to the party in exchange for them finding a leader (a prince or a prophet) for the freed slaves of the Maker. The party agreed and were given a month to complete their task.
A few days later, they arrived at the ruins of the Maker’s workshop and foudn the sons of Kisada waiting. They told the party that the machines were gating in waves of attackers at the home of Arn Stonebrow, and they could teleport the party there to save them, but there was the matter of the party wanting to kill their father to deal with first.
The brothers agreed to send all of the party to Arn’s village except for Arn himself, so that Arn and the brothers, all devout followers of Eldil, could settle the matter according to the Council of Thirteen. They would fight to the death, and whomever was left standing would go save Arn’s town. If Arn could kill all but one of the brothers, the last son of Kisada would take him father’s place guarding the Village of the Aged Ox.
Arn agreed.
So, one of the brothers had his dragon companion open a portal to Arn’s home, and once the dragon and party were gone, Arn battled the sons of Kisada, one by one. He eventually bested all of them except for one brother, who chose life instead of honor, and Arn was given the Amberlight, which would seal the portals that the machines were using to get to his home.
The rest of the party held back the waves of robots until Arn arrived, and then the dragon took the entire party back to the obsidian titan.



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