Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Fortune, Part 3

The party used the ritual to reactivate the titan, instructing it to journey to the Town of the Aged Ox and there follow his commands. The titan then carried the party back to Kisada, who took over its direction. The party then went into the swamp to find and destroy the star spawn, to fulfil their obligation to Kisada. They found the beast and slew it, taking a chunk of it that showed the burns from Kisada’s jade weapon as proof. In the swamp, Breeze also found a Heartwood tree where she could safely store the Amberlight, knowing that no one else could find it.
When the party arrived back at the Town of the Aged Ox, Kisada announced that he would go back into the swamp with the party to slay the other star beast, leaving his son in charge. He told them that Saelen would be there to see the party when they returned. The party and the Fortune then journeyed several hours away from town so that Kisada could whisper his last words on to one of the Black Scrolls, thereby giving up his immortality. He asked the party to leave him there to die.
The party went back to town, where everyone was sad to see that Kisada had not survived. They met with Saelen, who revealed that he was not a student of the Ambasador—he was spying on the ambasador. The party remembered that Cinderchoke, the dragon, had told them that the ambasador was someone the party had met and that he wanted to hurt dragons. The party decided that meant either “Dichotomous” Rex or Barghest. Saelen revealed that he was a two-souled—a kalashtar—so he could project what he wanted others to see him as right into their minds. He used that power to show the party what the ambasador truly looks like: a milky-white elf with black cheatah-like marks beneath his eyes.
The party went back to Three Walls. They asked Malachai if he would lead an army of freed slaves for a while, and he agreed. Saffron orchestrated an “accidental” bumping into Rex so that she could press the Worrystone to his scales. He did not become a pale elf, so the party decided that Barghest must be the ambasador. They consulted with Celia and Malachai regarding the remaining immortals, and decided that after tracking down Barghest, they would go south to seek out The Alchemist.



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