Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Maker, Part 1

The party left Three Walls, heading north into The Beastlands. They decided to hold to the roads to hit towns along their way, and stopped to gather information in TOWN. The town was a military encampment run by dragonborn. They told the party that if they wanted to trade for more than basic supplies, they’d need to talk to the tinker who visited town every few days. The party did as instructed, finding the strange peddler just outside the encampment. He was a Kilnfolk, a created race of ceramic men, made by The Maker. The party traded some of the magic items they’d found for differnet ones and some information, and then the tinker finished up his other transactions so that he and the party could speak privately.
He told the group that he knew of their quest and was willing to help. He volunteered to distract the minios and guardians of The Maker’s workshop so that the party would have time to infiltrate it. The Kilnfolk man also told the party of what they had to do to engage The Maker himself: Destroy the Forgestones, which would each be guarded.

Together, the party and the tinker travelled to The Maker’s workshop.

The tinker caused his distraction, and the party entered the complex. In the first building, they found guardians made from ice. While battling them, the party found that the creatures did not show damage as most living things did. It was impossible to tell how injured one of the guards was until it shattered.
One of the guardians could fly, and it grabbed Breeze and incapacitated her several times during the battle, but the party eventually destroyed all the guardians, including the largest, which contained the first Forgestone.

From there, the party moved on to the second building, after a short rest. From ice, they moved to fire; finding a huge flaming kiln taking up the entire back wall of the guarded room, tended by creatures made from clay. A red-hot guardian came out of the kiln during the battle, sending small living flames forth to singe the adventurures throughout the fight. These beings were also Perfect, showing no wounds until they cracked into pieces. But the party destroyed all of them and avoided being shoved into the fire by the guards, and destroying the second Forgestone.

The party short-rested and now heads toward the next building of The Maker’s workshop.



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