Lucius Left-Foot

Priest of the Sun, Corrupted by Shadow


A swarthy skinned human, much of Lucius’ body is covered with sylized sun tatoos. His left eye shines with a faint light, and is ringed by yet another sun tattoo. He is stripped to the waist, and wields only a simple steel mace. A constant stream of black smoke emerges from the right corner of his mouth and his right ear.

During his quest to save his world, Lucius sought to enter a cave of forbidden knowledge guarded by an undying abomination. The only way to defeat this monstrosity was to learn its name – an act that would twist the mind of the recipient. He made this sacrifice willlingly, to spare his companions the dark cost of knowledge. Now, he must rely on the light of the sun and the light in his soul to combat the growing darkness in his mind.

Lucius Left-Foot

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