Saelen Valinar Fidelus

Head of the Green Standard Army


Saelen’s origins and history are largely unknown. He entered the Imperial Army at twelve years of age, and fought with distinction for nearly ten years before receiving the title of Valinar for his military prowess. He was then transferred to the Green Standard Army, and served as a spy and constable, among other offices. His exceptional loyalty and service to the realm earned him the title of Fidelus in just two years.

Now, he leads the Green Standard Army, and maintains a number of aliases and identities, both within and outside of The Beastlands. It is rumored that he seeks to obtain all five of the great titles of the Silver Empire – Fidelus, Magisterium, Valinar, Rimorus, and Proditor. Up until now, no citizen of the Empire has ever obtained more than two of these titles.

Saelen Valinar Fidelus

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