Septimus Severus

The ruler of the Silver Empire.


Septimus Severus rules The Beastlands under the auspices of the Silver Empire. His ancestors took power six generations ago from the savage bands of orcs and half-orcs that had composed the “Empire of the Land.” After re-establishing Land’s End as the capital of the Empire, Primus Severus formed the Imperial Army and the Green Standard Army to preserve the peace and combat the Dark Four.

Septimus has ushered in an era of prosperity unknown in the recent age. His people harvest wood and animals to sell to other areas of the world with little fear that they will be attacked by the minions of the Dark Four. The Imperial Army patrols the Beastlands constantly, and is feared by non-Beastlanders.

Septimus is a large silver-toned Dragonborn. His curling horns and easy grin give him an air of impishness not seen in other members of the Severus family. He speaks with a quiet, earnest voice, but laughs heartily at the smallest amusements. In general, he is well loved by his people, but does still have enemies – particularly among the descendants of the defeated Empire of the Land.

Septimus Severus

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