The Key

Jade Champion


Created by Skiff D’Cannith, The Key was designed to save Skiff’s world from the menace of an extradimensional invader known as The Ash’nngath. Skiff inlaid The Key’s body with Jade to protect the young warforged from the ravages of the Ash’nngath’s corruption.

The Key and his allies were eventually betrayed by the wicked sorcerer Shang. The Key was reassembled, but lived a hollow and meaningless life – until the day that Shang returned, begging for help. The Key was overcome with emotion, and remembered his purpose in life. As he slew the Ash’nngath, a greater menace appeared on the horizon – but the Key was unafraid. He strode off into the setting sun to confront the mother of the invaders.

The Key

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