Black Scrolls

This page will serve as a receptacle for the black scrolls you have discovered/used.

RETURN OF THE FALLEN LORD The first of the black scrolls recovered by the heroes – it contains a tiny remnant of the power once taken from Olghast by the other gods. In time immemorial, Olghast was able to return the dead to life. After the War of Lasting Death, however, this power was taken from him. Use this scroll to return that power to The Unliving god. When used, this scroll returns a creature who died recently to life. However, there is a cost. When death finally catches up to the creature a second time, it is final – and while their spirit is free to ascend, the body reanimates to serve in Olghast’s legion.

ESSENCE OF DESTRUCTION The second of the black scrolls found by the party – written with the last breath of The Berzerker. It contains the power to grant a dying creature one last chance at vengeance. If that revenge is lethal, it can restore the creature to life.

REINCARNATION The third of the black scrolls recovered by the party – a willing gift from the dying Maker. The scroll restores a recently dead creature to life, but changes the creature in permanent and unpredictable ways.

EXTINCTION The party recently recovered the fourth black scroll after slaying The Last. Extinction holds the power to kill a creature outright – and all of that creature’s living relatives – at the cost of the caster’s soul. In exchange, it also increases the caster’s physical or mental strength – but not necessarily in the way that the caster expects.

Black Scrolls

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