The Feywild of Paranor is much like that of standard D&D settings: a pseudo-plane attached directly to the real world.

In Paranor, Fewild is ruled by the various fey that represent the four seasons. The power of each Fey Court grows as its season approaches, and wanes as its season ends. Recently, a fifth contingent has appeared in the Feywild that does not seem to be tied to the changing of seasons: Stagnation. The Court of Stagnation represents a threat to the other four courts, and its strength seems greater than that of any of the others. Only through working together can the four courts survive.

The Winter Court is ruled by the Fey Blue Dragons, is associated with ice and water, and is populated primarily by Drow, Gnomes, and their kin. They represent death to all things.

The Spring Court is ruled by the Fey Green Dragons, is associated with air and ligntning, and is populated primarily by Spriggans, Trolls, and Abraxians. They represent a return to life for some.

The Summer Court is ruled by the Fey Red Dragons, is associated with the fire and wood , and is populated primarily by Eladrin, Goblins, and Plant creatures. They represent the limitless resurgence of life.

The Autumn Court is ruled by the Fey Bronze Dragons, is associated with earth and metal, and is populated primarily by Dragonborn, Goliaths, and Dwarves. They represent death to that which needs an end.

The Stagnation Court is ruled by the Fey White Dragons, and seems to be populated by outcasts from the other Courts. They represent and end to change in the Feywild, and perhaps outside as well.

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