The Lost

The Lost is the collective name for the dead gods of Paranor.

All worshipers of the Lost receive the same power/feat choices, regardless of which member of the Lost they revere most (if any).

Divine characters who worship the Lost may choose a single domain that is not already assigned to one of the four remaining gods.

For character design/flavor purposes, here are some short descriptions of the Lost.

  • Solace – The Incorruptable (LG): Patron god of Myris. Associated with persuasion, light, good government.
  • Tilath – He Who Does Not Fall (LG): Patron god of paladins and monks. Nephew of Solace. Associated with martial valor, honor, armor.
  • Ashar – The Unweeping (formerly The Inconsolable) (G): Patron god of orcs and nomads. Associated with the desert, water, scimitars, the moon.
  • Alina – She Who Does Not Judge (G): Patron goddess of clerics, healers, and women. Goddess of the 2nd Necromancer. Associated with healing, compassion, cloth.
  • Eldarra – The Unpredictable (G): Patron goddess of gnomes and rogues. Daughter of Solace. Associated with laughter, feasts, baking, stealth.
  • Hamion – He Who Does Not Bow (G). Patron god of rangers, warriors, and elves. Rival of Tilath. Associated with bows, arrows, hunting, forests.
  • Phayer – The Unchanging (U): Patron god of animals and judges. Blind. Bears a hatred for shapechangers. Associated with law, earth, exorcism.
  • Nava – She Who Does Not Blink (U): Patron god of wizards and mages. Associated with books, divination, patience.
  • Tck’Arrith – The Uncontrollable (U): Patron god of barbarians and other savages. Appears as a great horned wolf. Associated with the wild, shapechangers, destruction, strength.
  • Gorin – He Who Does Not Rest (U): Patron god of farmers, workers, and bards. Forbade his followers from building shrines. Associated with agriculture, manufacturing, music, fire.
  • Turris – He Who Has No Mercy (E): Patron god of hobgoblins and autocrats. Torturer of Voldo. Associated with inquisition, whips, shadows.
  • Illgarra – She Who Has No Virtue (E): Patron goddess of whores and lepers. The great seducer. Associated with disease, beauty, domination.
  • Mallissae – The Unreachable (CE): Patron goddess of warlocks and sorcerers. Wife of Olghast, lover of Tck’Arrith. Maintained the Planar Void. Associated with doors,the elements, weddings.
  • Voldo – He Who Has no Respite (CE): Patron god of children and prisoners. Associated with insanity, chains, knives, and leatherworking.

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The Lost

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