The World of Paranor

The World of Paranor is composed of a main continent, and an encircling sea with numerous islands.

The main continent is roughly divided into 4 sections:
  • The Beastlands – A savage realm in the Northwest, inhabited primarily by shifters, orcs, half-orcs, dragonborn, and other such races. Its capital is Land’s End, and it is ruled by the Silver Empire.
  • The Kineland – The major food producing central area of Paranor, it is a feudal society ruled by a number of important city-states, including Valiance Keep, New Myris, and Idolguard.
  • The Gray Wastes – A desolate swampland in southern Paranor. It now holds only one city, Citadel. It is almost entirely overrun by the war between Olghast and the Lich Queen
  • The Sand Weave – An unending desert in the Northeast, inhabited by a number of nomadic tribes. It holds no true cities, only the ever-shifting market metropolis of Rest.

Paranor is also tied to the Feywild, which itself is divided into a number of regions ruled by various powers.

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The World of Paranor

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