Paranor KYD: 9 Immortals

The Ascetic, Part 2

At the start of the session, the party was somewhere within the Caves of the Empty Bowl, having just completed a short rest after defeating a group of Hunger devotees.

Ku-vaak Dawncaller had just caught up with the group, having previously been delayed, to find his brother, Ro-Kang, and the druid, Breeze had gotten seperated from the party. Ku-vaak and the rest of the heroes continued through the mountain, encountering several more trials:

*The Trial of the Rabbit: A long, dart-trapped hallway, where speed was a virtue.
*The Trial of the Crane: A room where the floor cut away into nothingness, requiring flight.
*The Trial of the Snake(Scorpion): A game of caustic gas and vials of “antidote,” which turned out to be poison.

After those trials, the adventurers came to the Chamber of Thirst, where they battled two Novices, two Acolytes, and the Master. After five rounds where the party focused on his students and did not engage the Master, he cast a dangerous (but ineffectual) spell and fled the room, leaving his students to their death, but promising that the heroes would see him again.

The adventuruers then continued upward, facing more trials:
*The Trial of the Kirin: Where a young kirin asked the party to play a simple game. Letting the child win pleased her, so she let the group advance.

At this point, the group found a safe place to sleep and took an extended rest. When they left their sanctuary, Scorpion sealed the door behind them.
They advanced to the next trial, The Trial of the Goat, where tiny pillars were spaced evenly throughout an otherwise empty cavern. The party watched the image of Goat leap nimbly from pillar to pillar, crossing the room. Unsure that they could follow, the adventurures decided to to backtrack to the other fork, going to the alternate trial:

*The Trial of the Goat(Scorpion): Here there was an equally perilous set of jumping platforms, ascending a cliff, but the party was able to swim under the cliff to a hidden tunnel instead of leaping like goats.

The party came to the archway indicating the trial of the Lion, who symbolizes martial valor, and are about to step through.



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