Guardians are powerful creatures, forces, or spells that protect the towns of the Kineland. Since the arrival of The Dark Four, the towns of the Kineland have begun to attract these grand protectors. Some examples are listed below:

New Myris is protected by Tyrael, the ascended incubus. Turned good by an encounter with Alina, She Who Does Not Judge, he now secludes himself her temple in New Myris – emerging only to defend the city.

Idolguard is protected by a number of Eidolons, giant statues crafted to resemble The Lost. They serve the ruling council of the city, known as the Geritocracy.

Valiance Keep is protected by Mizu – the Voi of the Eastern Ocean. A strong army guards the landward side of the city, while the ocean Voi makes it’s seaward side unassailable.

Smaller Towns in the Kineland have also begun to manifest Guardians – though they are often less powerful or more limited than those of the great cities.

Tck’Arrith’s Grave is protected by mystical forces projected by skeleton of the fallen god himself. In addition, a number of bestial races make their homes among his bones, and defend the inhabitants from outsiders.

Payo’s Mill is protected by an ancient artifact known as the Amberlight. It’s power – and the cost for using it – are extreme.

Brazenwood is protected by a natural grove of powerful semi-sentient trees. Their mere presence repels aberrations, outsiders, and undead. While the town is weak against assaults from Machines, geographic realities have so far prevented Grudge from sending his forces against it.

The City of the Aged Ox is a city of heroes. Once protected by the great line of Drakethorn (now ended with the turning of Elias Drakethorn into a vampire lord), its Guardians remain strictly mortal. It’s current Guardian, an aged warrior known by many names, currently trains new recruits daily, trying to discover his own replacement.

Three Walls is protected by a powerful magic spell bound into the oddly arranged outer walls of the city. Additionally, a new guardian has recently emerged – little is said about him in the town itself, but he is called Baku. Some believe that he is a powerful agent from the Feywild, or perhaps a spirit from The Dream.


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